What do we carry out?

  • Predictive analytics- involves queries of analytics and automated machine learning algorithms for the creation of predictive models.
  • Words analytics- has three functions sentiment analysis, key phrase interaction, and last is language detection.
  • Visualization – dashboards for tracking predefined performance yardstick
  • Forecasting- to achieve maximal revenue e.g. maximum optimization of resources.
Offered services


We aim to maximize the impact of advanced analytics and make your business capable enough to uncover areas and prioritize them. Ensuring quantifiable business value. We create network architectures over structured and unstructured data.




How do we proceed?

  • Business needs- we understand stakeholder’s objectives, choice of tools, and technology for internal and external data sources.
  • Data refinement- we map data sources for data transformation and data cleansing.
  • Analytics – we prefer best practices of analysis to address problems, helps stakeholder’s in decision making.
  • Dashboards – we prepare mock-ups, conduct user acceptance testing to release dashboards.